Thursday, March 13, 2014

Write Myself a Letter (live) - Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers [1987]

The following will be an ongoing exchange between DJ Caterina and different people between now and Friday…

Friend: Hi DJ Caterina! What’s up for the weekend? 

DJ Caterina: Glad you asked, “friend”….welp, I’ll be looking for something green to wear for Monday’s jolly observation of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Friend: Really? Why you goin’ all out for that? 

DJ Caterina: Well, if you must know, although I, DJ Caterina, am not Irish, I have been to Ireland twice, took an ambitious class in Irish literature for my master’s degree program and I also enjoy listening to The Chieftains.

And while working on the Tommy Conwell rockumentary for school, I was simultaneously writing a 25-page essay on “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” by Irish author James Joyce, where I found similarities between the struggles of young artist Joyce trying to break artistic boundaries in literature, and young artist Conwell; particularly with the emergence of Tommy's band the Little Kings - it was about rebellion against traditional musical styles, bringing together the jazz/punk/blues fusion that TC always wanted to pursue.

By the way, Tommy is playing some Irish music this weekend, too! 

Friend: *yawn* So, that's all the reasons you're into St. Patty's Day?

DJ Caterina: I’ve also always had a soft spot in me heart for the Lucky Charms fella. 

Friend: *crosses arms* Are you done? 

DJ Caterina: And I’m a Galway girl

Friend: *sighs* NOW is that all? 

DJ Caterina: Oh, I am also posting a St. Patrick’s Day concert recording of Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers performing “Write Myself a Letter” from 1987 live at Maxwell’s in Carney/Towes, Maryland. 

Friend: *walks away* 

DJ Caterina: Sláinte!


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