Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tommy Conwell's Aggressive Pop

Wednesday, September 21, 1988 
By Kathi Whalen 
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Tommy Conwell's Aggressive Pop

Philadelphia's Tommy Conwell has suffered links with one of his home town's biggest pop exports, the Hooters, but in fact he's steeped in the leaner bar band sounds and attitude of George Thorogood. Monday night at the Bayou, Conwell and his band, the Young Rumblers, barreled through time-tested R+B licks that they, unlike Thorogood, have resourcefully fitted into strong pop originals. 

Conwell's aggressive personality was a plus in keeping the sold-out crowd attentive on this first date of his national tour. Or at least the stamina was laudable -- his ho-hum repertoire of rebel-yell calls, which the audience never failed to shout back, sounded ridiculous coming from a young Northern boy.

Fortunately, the set proved he's mastered a more difficult art -- conjuring pop songs that blend irresistible hooks with a light rockabilly beat. "Workout" summed up the bluesy undertone that competed all night with ebullient Top 40 tunes such as "Half a Heart" and "I'm Not Your Man," but coupled in the same set they gave Conwell that elusive signature sound.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers - Late Night with David Letterman

Tonight is the last show for late night's king, David Letterman. An article from Wall Street Journal (May 7, 2015) on David Letterman's love of Americana and roots rock music through the years.
"Americana incorporates 'elements of various American roots music styles,' according to the Americana Music Association, including country, roots rock, folk, bluegrass, R + B and blues."

Audio Rumble celebrates the last Letterman show with the appearance of Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers performing "If We Never Meet Again" on January 4, 1989. Thanks, Dave.