Monday, November 5, 2012

About A Boy Named Tommy

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          I was playing some old Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers music one day while cleaning the house, and my eleven year-old son bursts through the door…"Who's that playing, Mom?  He's fantastic!!!!!"
Here is our story...
          Last spring, at my son's insistence, he and I traveled to Pennsylvania (where we're originally from) to see Tommy Conwell play his lounge act at the Blue Comet in Glenside. 

          My son, also named Tommy, brought his guitar along in the hopes that TC would sign it. On that perfect day, my boy and I embarked on our special rock 'n’ roll road trip. With the windows rolled down, the sun shining, and the music blaring, we shared a day full of fun and laughs. I wasn’t sure Tommy would be particularly interested, but I told him about some memorable roadtrips around 1985 and my impressions of another young guitarist named Tommy Conwell.

          I told my Tommy from the first song of the first set, I was bowled over, and completely hooked. TC was a true musician with fantastic talent! He had every eye in the club watching his every move. He even played the guitar behind his back. Boy, did my Tommy seem curious!

          Tommy Conwell. Still a great guy! He took time to talk to my Tommy, asking him about his guitar lessons, showed him some fancy fingering chords, signed the guitar, and posed for a few pictures.  A true talent and gentleman who made a great impression on my son. Tommy's hope now is to be good enough one day to jam with TC.  Many, many thanks to Tommy Conwell for taking the time to make an aspiring guitar player's day.

Thanks again for the website - it's AWESOME!!!

By: Dorothy (mom)

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