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Tommy Conwell's Young Rumblers | First Concert [3-Man] February 24, 1984

The debut performance of Tommy Conwell's Young Rumblers at the Skid Row Beach Party, University of Delaware in Newark, February 24, 1984.*

Songs from the set list include:
- Rumble
- Workout
- Million Pretty Girls
- Walkin' on the Water
- Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller

Vintage Interview with Tommy Conwell about his infamous 3-man band

Q: Tell me about the early garage band years starting the Young Rumblers.

A: “The Young Rumblers' first gig was February 24, 1984, at Bacchus, the on-campus club at the University of Delaware. There were a bunch of bands, and we went over pretty good, but of all the bands on the show, our picture was on the cover of the widely read school newspaper the next day. We ended up being in that paper a lot that first year, and I really think it helped get people into us.
The band was me, Chaz Molins on bass, and Mark Walls on drums. Mark quit after that first show--I forget why--and my old roommate Brad Fish became the drummer. After about six months Chaz was replaced by Paul Slivka, who I had played with in a jazz group, and six months or a year later Fishy quit 'cause it was just too brutal. We worked!
We played anywhere we could get paid, and we were getting a lot of jobs. It was definitely full time, and rough. We played 3 or 4 sets a night, traveled up to 3 1/2 hours to a job, and worked 5 or 6 nights a week. My larynx was a bloody nub! My fingers were literally split open; I used to put crazy glue on them to close them up so I could play, but when a string went in there, as they did frequently, it hurt! I didn't care, I was gonna rock every where we went! I took it personally, and there were no excuses.”

[Interview courtesy of M
arc Pelletier's tribute website]
*Note: This performance does not include
the band's encore of the beach classics “Hawaii Five-O” and “Walk, Don’t Run.”

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