Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mystery Train (live) - Stray Cats (with Tommy Conwell)

Audio Rumble received the following track - a live, rockin' cover of the blues standard, "Mystery Train" by the Stray Cats with a guitar appearance by Tommy Conwell - in the mail with the following note:

...here's some (information about) the songs with the Stray Cats: a buddy of mine had just spent 3 days at Scotty Moore's place in Tennessee last year. He got a lot of great Elvis stories and also quite a few mosquito bites. When I played him Tommy doing 'Mystery Train' with the Strays it brought tears to his eyes. After hanging out w/ Scotty Moore, that is really saying something about how mindblowing both Conwell and Brian Setzer are on (the track)... 

DJ Caterina has no way to validate that story, but it's way cool. And I love it!

Per the Brian Setzer Setlist Archives website, this performance was recorded on November 4, 1991, at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia.

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