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An Interview with Drummer Jim Hannum

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Jimmer rode shotgun on drums and silently commanded the Young Rumblers' hard-drivin’ rhythm section from 1984 to 1991. After his subsequent departure, Jimmer joined up with another former Young Rumbler, Chris Day, and played in Delaware Valley clubs from 1991 to 1996.  Today, Jimmer still drives his beloved Harley Davidson and plays drums in a Delaware-based band called Wrekkadge.

What were your thoughts after performing on national television at the American Music Awards in February 1989?

I was completely star struck. It was a night like no other! I sat behind the Judds in the audience. We were talking to Axl Rose right before we went on stage to perform. It was great meeting the guys from G' n R.

How did you join the Young Rumblers?

Paul Slivka (who I have known since we were in the 9th grade) and I were in a band called The MIB (Men in Black)…..(p.s. Will Smith was not the frontman!). We were playing around the University of Delaware area, which at the time had a big punk scene. Tommy was attending school at the University and had seen us play. Tommy asked us to join his band. Paul had joined the band before I did. One night I received a call from Paul who was doing a gig with Tommy at the Ambler Cabaret when their current drummer had car trouble and could not make it to the show. Quickly I got my gear and went to the Ambler Cabaret. The club was packed. I nervously setup my drums and we played. That was my first Rumbler show and from there I became a permanent member of the band.

When did you first recognize the Young Rumblers were special?

Tommy had a huge draw and I knew it was going to be big! When Chris Day (guitarist) and Rob Miller (keyboardist) joined around ‘86, I recognized that the band could go all the way. It sounded much fuller after that.

I once read that you played drums with the cymbals facing upside down. Why?

An article once said that I played the symbols in reverse order. This is partially true because my setup is unconventional. Basically it's a left-handed setup that I play right-handed. The symbols were off position, but not up side down.

What was the relationship between the Hooters and the Young Rumblers?

Dave Uosikkinen, drummer in the Hooters, and I are good friends and he was in the studio to make sure I didn’t screw up. He made me nervous, so I played good.

What is your reaction today when you listen to some of the vintage Young Rumblers?

It was often difficult to capture the live sound on the records. I liked our live sound.

Who are your favorite bands?

U2, Third Eye Blind, Foghat (who we played with one night when I was playing in Chris Day’s Band), Beatles and Patti Loveless (who is a country performer).

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