Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tommy Conwell Rockumentary | Links, Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who shared images, videos, audio, stories and overall kind words and encouragement for the master's thesis capstone project, "Tommy Conwell: A Rockumentary."

DJ Caterina received an A+ from her professor, a little bit of press, and walked the University of Texas-Dallas stage with a master's degree in Emerging Media and Communications on May 19, 2012.
May 1 Introduction

May 2 Beginnings

June 15 Performance, Part I

June 20 Performance, Part II


  • My friends and family (and boyfriend!) for their patience; listening to countless hours of Tommy Conwell’s music in my home and in my car and hearing me talk about the project for over a year. 
  • Nora Kelly (Executive Editor, The Review, University of Delaware, Class of 2012) for a copy of the Young Rumblers' first concert review from the 1984 school newspaper.
  • University of Delaware's college radio station 91.3 FM WVUD for donating  tracks from their audio archives.
  • Dallyn Pavey with In the Pocket.
  • Dan Kropp, for his major assistance in my research — he knows what he did!
  • Joe Reynolds and Chris Tamase for their encouragement, enthusiasm — and tapes!
  • Marc Pelletier for his encouragement and creating the original and now-defunct (but still the best!) Tommy Conwell tribute web page.
  • Mike Vanduser for The Zippers archival images and music video, "Evolution." (And Timothy Gager for more cool Zippers' images.)
  • John Hennessy for his permission to use one of his classic early 1990s-era Tommy Conwell videos from Walsh's - some of my favorite videos ever.
  • The YouTube community.
  • Johnny Z for his assistance at the New Hope In the Pocket gig.
  • Creative professional Carol Welker for the Audio Rumble logo.
  • The music scene in the 1980s, Wilmington, Delaware on Facebook for posting the vintage Rockett 88 video.

This rockumentary is dedicated to the late Sandy Kinden and anyone who ever traveled to see their favorite Philadelphia-Delaware-New Jersey bands up and down the east coast in the 80s and 90s.  

Thank you, Tommy!

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