Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PRISM 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash in 1986

Video of a live television simulcast on PRISM and WMMR from Veterans Stadium on Labor Day, 1986.

It's PRISM's 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash!

Tommy Conwell's Young Rumblers -- because it's the 3-piece band -- perform Workout.

A quote from the Philadelphia Inquirer paper:

Phils, Fireworks and Rumblers.
The Phillies are in town this weekend, playing San Francisco today through Sunday and San Diego Monday. The Labor Day encounter will be a real bash, and we aren't talking the long ball here. After the game, as part of Prism TV's 10th anniversary celebration, there'll be fireworks and a concert by the oh-so-up-and-coming rock band Tommy Conwell's Young Rumblers. The game starts at 7:35 p.m., and tickets cost $3 to $7.50.

- "Celebrate Season's Last Hurrah In The City" by Alexis Moore Love, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: August 29, 1986

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