Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tommy Conwell Interview on WMMR - 1996

Tommy Conwell and the Little Kings were rockin’ in that late 90’s-era of swing music that also featured Bryan Setzer and his 17-piece big swingin’ band and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy featured in the movie,  “Swingers.” Vegas, baby!

This interview with Tommy Conwell is the 2nd to the last episode of Cyndy Drue’s Street Beat, a Philly radio standard from 1986-1996 on WMMR.

And what does Tommy discuss? Buzz Zeemer, the end of the Young Rumblers, thoughts on his talent for songwriting (he says he's not a songwriter - whatever, Tommy!) and Frank Brown's greatness, the MCA record that was never released. Except that it was - eventually. (See Thanks But No Thanks at the Tommy Conwell store.)

Songs featured during this interview (but not included in this clip are):
  • Smarty Pants – Hi Ho Silver! – Tommy Conwell and the Little Kings
  • Break My Heart – PlayThing – Buzz Zeemer
  • Love’s On Fire – Walkin’ on the Water EP – Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers

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