Thursday, June 10, 2010

Per e-mail to his fans today, a message from Tommy Conwell:

Hi, you guys. I started a new band that's gonna play all my songs from the 80's. No blues, no jazz, no country, no 50's, no punk rock--I swear! Tommy Conwell songs from the Young Rumblers days, that's it. I've got Joe Gallo on guitar, Brian Falcone on bass, and Jimmy McCloskey on drums, and we rock. We're playing the Kimmel Center's Summer Solstice festival, in the main room, on June 19th at 11:15 P.M. We're pretty excited about it. Tickets are $10, and you can buy them at the door or at We'd love to see you there!  Tommy
Amazing announcement! Yes, the 80's really ARE back!  

  • Connect with the Facebook event page for updates and RSVP!
  • Visit Tommy's store and get re-acquainted with some original Rumblers tunes.

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