Friday, November 28, 2008

Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers Opening Act at Electric Factory

Reviews for Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers' opening act gig at The Electric Factory on Thanksgiving Eve have been coming in -- DJ Caterina has graciously received the following highlights:

- Jim C. said, "Tommy was great! He really looked happy to be playing in front of a Philly crowd again! He sold his first release "Walkin' on the Water" on CD for the first time and autographed them. He played every song from that release except “Million Pretty Girls” (which bummed me out a little because it’s a great tune!). …Chris Day was jamming pretty good, and Paul, Rob, and Jim played their usual solid parts in a great show!"

- Tommy M. at MySpace captured some great concert shots (including the great picture above) and made the statement: "Tommy thinks that the Young Rumblers oughta tour the world!"

- Smallest Mom Ever on MySpace: "Tommy was perfect--this was the best concert yet. i had so much fun. they rocked the house!"

- (Note: These videos have been set to private.) See some brief clips from the concert: Love's On Fire, I'm Home and I'm Not Your Man. Courtesy of teachrMom on YouTube.

- Mark Tassoni Photography has some great images, too!

DJ Caterina stayed in Dallas for Thanksgiving weekend with her family and friends -- selfish, I know!

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