Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Buzz Zeemer - "Play Thing" Review on iTunes

Image courtesy of Buzz Zeemer's MySpace page.

DJ Caterina left a review of Buzz Zeemer's "Play Thing" on iTunes:

“Melodic pop-rock” at its best..."
What a great band! What great songwriting! Why didn’t Buzz Zeemer become more famous?

In the words of Billboard Magazine [“Indie Labels Discover Freedom in Philly” – 10/28/1995]:
…melodic pop-rock band Buzz Zeemer…has stepped up to the most-unjustly unsigned level since adding Tommy Conwell on lead guitar.
I love “Break My Heart” and “Don’t Hang Up” – they are my favorites!

Crush” also comes highly recommended. But all of these tunes from Buzz Zeemer are excellent!

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