Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tommy Conwell and the Little Kings T-Shirt

This weekend DJ Caterina was wearing one of her favorite T-shirts when someone in an elevator struck up the following conversation:

Guy #1: (Looking at DJ Caterina’s T-shirt) What does that say? Tommy Conwell and the Little Kings? Is that a band?

DJ Caterina: Yes, it’s an album cover.

Guy #2: Oh….

DJ Caterina: (Sensing a non-recognition of the Conwell name) He’s a guitar player based in Philadelphia.

Guy #1: Oh! Are you from Philadelphia?

DJ Caterina
: No, I’m from Texas. (Elevator door opens, walks out.) If you go to the iTunes [Tommy Conwell Store], you’ll find some of his music. Check him out!
Buy your very own Tommy Conwell and the Little Kings shirt at Café Press and Sunset Music Store.

(Note: As of 5/20/2008, Sunset Music no longer sells this t-shirt!)

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