Sunday, May 20, 2007

MidWest Records Review

A review of Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers career featuring the releases "Rumble" and "Guitar Trouble" can be found at MidWest Records. DJ Caterina's favorite line is "this is a slice of prime rumble" -- awesome!

A late 80’s roots rocker in the 'late-80’s/left-of -center/Springsteen mold, Conwell was a turntable hit that filled the airwaves but didn’t have sales to match. It wasn’t for lack of trying, as they toured with serious acts of the day including David Bowie, Pretenders and Bryan Adams, as well as selling a copious amount of their DIY release before becoming fodder for the system. Brash and ready for a rediscovery by energetic alt-country fans, this is a slice of prime rumble and it just won’t go away.

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