Monday, March 16, 2015

Buzz Zeemer at South by Southwest | 1996

Every year around this time, as the South by Southwest Festival continues in Austin, DJ Caterina finds time to take a look back at a review of Buzz Zeemer and their appearance at the annual music conference in 1996.

From Houston music reviewer Hobart Rowland, published on March 21, 1996:

Also Saturday, a small crowd at Tropical Isle witnessed the curious re-emergence of blues-based singer/guitarist Tommy Conwell, whose major-label career was cut short after two so-so releases for Columbia six years ago. A frontman at heart, Conwell hasn't lost any of his ham-it-up style in his new role as second gun to Frank Brown in the hook-heavy Buzz Zeemer, one of the few exceptional new bands coming out of Philadelphia these days…
Article scan of official 1996 SXSW program guide courtesy of @cohenesque.

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